During Hurricane Sandy, a grouping of three trees in the front yard came down. One was on the house, one in the treeline, and one was being held up as if by magic, ready to fall on the house at any moment. Throughout all of the chaos of the storm, and at a time when your local tree guys are at their busiest, Mike and his guys made it a priority to save our home from further damage. The tree that they cut down and prevented from landing on the house was practically floating on top of it. How they managed to keep it from hitting the house is beyond me, but I'd trust them with any tree problem after seeing that! They were quick, friendly and professional.
--Jillian Pierone

We lost some trees during an early winter storm and turned to the local guys. Precision Tree & Landscape came and determined that they were diseased and had to be removed. At that time we talked about getting together in early spring to replace them. During the planning stage, Precision suggested new landscaping and we are so glad we took them up on the recommended plan. They removed the old shrubs and started fresh. Our house looks so much better. It's as good if not better then the landscaping shows on cable TV. They were extremely professional and reasonable, not to mention that when they removed the old trees, they cleaned up everything. After all the new landscaping was in, they returned to make sure we understood watering needs so that all the new plants will thrive. They delivered superior results within our budget. If you would like to see it for yourself, just ask Mike.

Patrick & Danette McNelis

Precision Tree and Landscape took every branch and leaf that was left on our lawn before they left.

Many neighbors thought that we actually painted or did something different to our home since many trees covering the home were removed.

Mike we can't thank you enough for a great job at a very reasonable price!

William and Lisa Harmuth